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Last Day To Register:

May 28, 2024

Important Information - Please Read Carefully


  • Dates: June, 2024 

  • Heats:  

    • The Kids Mud Run is divided into heats of 40 - 70 kids leaving every 10 minutes based on different age groups (you can find the full schedule below).

    • It is HIGHLY recommended for a parent or guardian to run with the child if the child is 4 or 5 years old. (You do not need to book a separate ticket for the parent or guardian accompanying the child.)

    • "Eric Chrismen" Family Heats - If your child is between the ages of 7 and 9 OR 10 and 17 and you want to do the Kids Mud Run with them, you may choose to sign up for "Eric Chrismen" Family Heat. In "Eric Chrismen" family heats, one parent or guardian can run with the child. (You do not need to book a separate ticket for the parent or guardian accompanying the child.) 

    • "Avie's Place" Special Needs Heat - Avie's Place offers a special needs heat specifically for people with functional vision and the ability to walk the length of the course unassisted; the minimum age requirement is 4. Runners are free to skip any obstacles they don't feel comfortable completing. A parents or caregiver is encouraged to run with the runner. There's no need to book a separate ticket for the accompanying adult. For more information, please see "Avie's Place Special Needs Heat FAQ".

  • Saturday Heats (10 AM to 4:10 PM): heat times by age group are as follows:

    • Ages 13 to 17 - 10:00 AM and 10:10 AM 

    • Ages 10 to 12 - 10:20 AM to 11:10 AM 

    • Ages 7 to 9 - 12:00 PM to 12:50 PM and 3:00 PM to 3:40 PM

    • Ages 4 to 6 - 1:10 PM to 2:40 PM

    • "Eric Chrismen" Family Heats for Ages 10 to 17 - 11:20 AM to 11:40 AM

    • "Eric Chrismen" Family Heats for Ages 7 to 9 - 3:50 PM to 4:10 PM

  • Sunday Heats (1:30 PM to 6:00 PM): heat times by age group are as follows:

    • Ages 13 to 17 - 1:30 PM and 1:40 PM 

    • Ages 10 to 12 - 1:50 PM to 2:30 PM 

    • Ages 7 to 9 - 3:10 PM to 3:40 PM, and 5:20 PM to 5:30 PM

    • Ages 4 to 6 - 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    • "Eric Chrismen" Family Heats for Ages 10 to 17 - 2:40 PM and 2:50 PM

    • "Eric Chrismen" Family Heat for Ages 7 to 9 - 5:40 PM and 5:50 PM

    • "Avie's Place" Special Needs Heat - 6:00 PM

  • Water Obstacles: There will be water obstacles as a part of the course for children aged 10-12 and 13-17. Runners who cannot swim or are not strong swimmers are asked to skip these obstacles. Life jackets will be required for ALL runners who opt to do these water obstacles (including adults who run with their children in the Family Heats). One of the water obstacles is a zip line, and it has a weight limit of 215lb.

  • Avie's Place Special Needs Heat: For more information, visit our FAQ Page.

  • Pre-Race Registration: This is a quick process of signing the Liability Waiver Form and picking up the race wristband. To avoid long lines, we HIGHLY recommend that you complete this process on Friday before the event between 9 AM and 7 PM at the Lord's Gym Oroville (located at 2120 Bird Street, Oroville, CA). If you cannot make it on Friday, you may complete it on Race Day at the Registration Area on the course; however, you will be required to arrive 1 hour before your child's heat start time. 

  • Liability Waiver Form: ONLY parents or legal guardians may sign the Liability Waiver Form for their child(ren). It CANNOT be signed by any other family member or family friend. Children will NOT be allowed to participate in the Kids Mud Run without Liability Waiver Forms signed by their parents or legal guardians. Copies of the Liability Waiver will be made available at the Pre-Race Registration. If a parent or guardian cannot make it to the Pre-Race Registration, a copy of the Liability Waiver Form can be downloaded and signed by them ahead of time, and someone else can attend the Pre-Race Registration on their behalf with the signed copy of the waiver form. Please note that if a parent or guardian is running with a child in the Family Heat, Special Needs Heat or in the Ages 4-6 Heat, they must also sign their own copy of the Liability Waiver Form and get their own Race Wristband. 

  • Merchandise: You can pre-order Kids Mud Run shirts and shorts when you complete the online registration form, and pick the items up at Pre-Race Registration. There are also shirts and shorts available for purchase on Race Day; however, we will only have limited quantities available for each size, so we recommend that you pre-order online. 

  • Other Attractions: We have attractions such as inflatables, sledding, and more at a small cost for your children to enjoy. All proceeds will go toward supporting our nonprofit mission. We also have family games and a talent show that are free of charge!  

  • Spectator Trail: We have a spectator trail next to the Kids Mud Run course where you can watch your children and cheer them on as they run and conquer the obstacles. 


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