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The Lord's Gym Kids Mud Run is a fun, yet challenging, obstacle course open to all kids aged 4-17. The course includes between 13 and 27 age-appropriate obstacles involving climbing, crawling, running, and, of course, lots of mud! The Kids Mud Run is split into heats for four age groups: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-17. There are longer and tougher courses for the older kids, and a shorter one for the younger kids. We also run a special competition between schools known as the Superhero School Bell.

The course start line is located at Father's House Acres at 3556 Oro Bangor Highway in Oroville, CA. 


We are able to make the Lord's Gym Kids Mud Run FREE with the help of our Sponsors. We want to support local families and create an event everyone can enjoy! However, please note space is limited and heats fill up fast, so we encourage families to sign up online.

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Presented by the Father's House Church of Oroville

Course Map

course map

2023 with new obstacles (1).png

This is the course map for the 2023 Kids Mud Run*.  There will be separate courses for kids aged 4-6, 7-9 and 10-17, which vary in length and difficulty. This will give you a good idea of what the course for 2024 might look like.


Watch the video below to see what the Kids Mud Run is like.

4-6 Year Old Course (0.42 miles  Total )

7-9 Year Old Course Extension ( 1 mile Total)

( In addition to the 4-6 Year old Course )

10-17 Year Old Course extension ( i.62 miles Total )

( in addition to the 4-9 year old courses )

Obstacle List

The shriveller

Mega Mud Slide

Broken ankles

Tangled Jr.


Dome of Doom

Rabbit Holes

Mud Crawl

All fall Down


Haunted Hole

Fox hole crawl

Froggin' Awesome

Monkeying Around

timber Tantrum

Deadly Ditches


Tire Swing

Nothing but net

Floating Islands

Broken ankles 2.0

superheroschoolbell (1).png

Superhero School Bell

Every year, we invite local schools to compete against each other in the Superhero School Bell! Students win points for their school by participating in the Kids Mud Run and by wearing costumes or dressing in their school colors. The school with the highest points to students ratio wins.


In the Superhero School Bell 2022, Ophir Elementary School and Sierra Del Oro Inclusive Preschool came in first place and won the School Bell trophy plus free Yoville frozen yogurt for the entire school! Helen Wilcox came in second place and Oroville Christian School third place; they won their own trophies and get to keep them in their schools for one year.

Superhero School Bell

2023 School Bell Winners

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Ophir Elementary

STREAM Charter School

Helen Wilcox Elementary

Mud Run Best 2022-49.jpg



When And Where Is The Race?

The Kids Mud Run takes place annually in spring. It is held at Father's House Acres, located at 3556 Oro Bangor Highway, Oroville, CA. The race is divided into heats of 40 to 70 kids leaving every 10 minutes. There are separate heats and courses for children aged 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13-17. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The Kids Mud Run itself is FREE! 

What Is the Course Like?

The Kids Mud Run includes between 13 and 27 obstacles that involves climbing, crawling, jumping, and lots of mud! To make sure the course is age-appropriate, children will be divided into heats based on their age categories (ages 4 to 6, 7 to 9, 10 to 12, and 13 to 17). For the older kids, they will encounter longer courses and tougher obstacles, including some obstacles from the Adult Mud Run such as the water obstacles

Can Siblings Of Different Ages Run Together?

In order to ensure the safety of all children involved, we cannot allow older children to run in a younger age group (or vice versa). We may make exceptions for children with special needs.

What Is Pre-Race Registration?

Before doing the Kids Run, there is a 10-minute process for a parent or legal guardian to go through — it involves signing a liability waiver form, getting a race wristband, and making sure you know what to do next. To avoid the stress of long lines on Race Day, we strongly advise that you complete this process on Friday, June 2, at the Lord's Gym Oroville at 2120 Bird Street. Those traveling from out of town are welcome to complete Pre-Race Registration at the Kids Mud Run on Race Day, but you will need to arrive one hour before your child's heat begins.

Who Can Sign A Liability Waiver Form?

Only parents or legal guardians are able to sign the liability waiver form for their child(ren). It CANNOT be signed by any other family member or family friend, even with the oral/written consent from the parent or legal guardian. Please note that a child CANNOT take part in the Kids Mud Run without a liability waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian.


We have liability waiver forms available at Pre-Race Registration. If a parent or legal guardian cannot make it to the Pre-Race Registration in person, they can download and sign a copy of the liability waiver form ahead of time; someone else can then go to Pre-Race Registration on their behalf with a signed copy of the waiver form and pick up the child's race wristband.

Please note that the parent or legal guardian running with the child in a Family Heat OR Age 4-6 Heat needs to sign their own copy of the Liability Waiver Form. 

Can I Run With My Child?

Parents may run with children aged 4 to 6. If your child is 4 or 5 years old, we HIGHLY recommend a parent or guardian runs with the child.


If your child is aged 7+, and you wish to do the Kids Mud Run with your child, you can choose a "Eric Chrismen" Family Heat. If your child is signed up for a Regular Heat and not a Family Heat, you will not be allowed to run with them on the course; however, you still can follow them and watch them on the spectator trail. We may make exceptions for children with special needs—please talk to us at Pre-Race Registration.

Please note that if you are running with your child(ren) in a "Eric Chrismen" Family Heat or an Age 4-6 Heat, you do not need to book a separate ticket for yourself. However, you will be required to sign your own copy of the Liability Waiver Form and pick up your own Race Wristband at Pre-Race Registration. 

What Are "Eric Chrismen" Family Heats?

We have created "Eric Chrismen" Family Heats for parents or guardians who wish to conquer the obstacles and run in the mud with their kids between the ages of 7 and 17. In "Eric Chrismen" Family Heats, each child may run with one parent or guardian. 

Who is "Eric Chrismen" and why are Family Heats named in his honor?

Eric Chrismen was a beloved friend and family member of the Kids Mud Run Team, and we recently lost him after a long and brave battle with leukemia.


Eric is survived by his beautiful wife, Cassandra, and two sons, Wyatt and Elijah. Eric was very loyal and dedicated, and he showed his family and everyone around him what love looks like. His family is very proud of the life he lived. We are honored to have known him, and to have his family with us. In honor of the strong family values Eric held, we have decided to dedicate our Family Heats in his memory


What Should My Child Wear?

Your child will get wet and muddy, so make sure they are wearing clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting very dirty. We recommend bringing a towel as well as a change of clothes and shoes for them. Please make sure your child is not wearing flip flops or sandals as they might get lost in the mud or water.


Why Should I Pre-Order Kids Mud Run Merchandise Online? 

We have a limited quantity of shirts and shorts available in different sizes. We suggest you pre-order merchandise online to secure the apparel in the size you need before we run out. 

How Can I Pre-Order Kids Mud Run Merchandise? 

You can place your order when you register your child(ren) online and pick up your pre-ordered items at Pre-Race Registration on Friday before the event or on Race Day! 

What Else Is There To Do At the Kids Mud Run?

There will be free family games and activities for you to enjoy; to find out more, please visit our Event Overview page. In addition, there will be food, inflatables, sledding, and other attractions available at a small cost to raise money to support the mission of the Lord's Gym.

Can I Bring My Dog Or Other Animals To This Event?

Unfortunately, no. Dogs and other animals (including emotional support, therapy, comfort and companion animals) are NOT allowed on this private church property, and therefore not allowed at this event. Sorry for the inconvenience.


We do make exceptions for service animals assisting people with disabilities. In order to receive this exception, the owner must provide proof that the dog is a service animal. 

Does My Child Receive Anything for Participating?

Yes. Every child will receive a military-style dog tag medal with a 30 inch necklace chain for finishing the race. 

How Do I Register My Child?

Watch this space! You will be able to register your child when the online sign-up opens.

Special Needs Heat FAQ

Special needs heat Faq

Avie's Place

What is "Avie's Place" Special Needs Heat?

"Avie's Place" Special Needs Heat is dedicated to people with physical or developmental disabilities, and/or are medically fragile. 


This heat is named after Avie's Place Park and Playground, which will be a 2-acre ADA-certified park and playground in Oroville specifically designed for families of medically fragile children and our disabled community. To learn more about Avie's Place, please visit


What is the course like for the "Avie's Place" Special Needs Heat?

The course is about 1/4 mile long. Examples of obstacles include: climbing over a tire wall;  crawling through a short underground tunnel with muddy water; crawling through a small shallow pool; navigating through ropes; climbing up obstacles and jumping into a muddy puddle; military style army crawl in a muddy pit underneath ropes; riding down a long slip-n-slide; crawling under a bridge through a shallow pond with ice and water; crawling through tunnels; climbing over a short wall about 4 ft tall. 


The runner is free to skip any obstacles they don't feel comfortable completing, and they can just walk around the obstacles. We also strongly encourage a parent or caregiver to run alongside the runner on the course to assist them if needed. 


What are the inclusion criteria for the "Avie's Place" Special Needs Heat?

The inclusion criteria for this special heat are functional vision and being able to walk the length of the course without assistive devices. The minimum age to participate is 4. 

I am a parent / caregiver. Do I need to book a separate ticket for myself? 

You do not need to book a ticket to run with the runner as a parent or caregiver on the course. All we ask is for you to sign your own copy of the liability waiver form and pick up a race wristband at Pre-Race Registration. 


My child has special needs, can they run In the Regular Heat / Family Heat instead of the Special Needs Heat?

Yes, they can, as long as they are between the ages of 4 and 17. Just let our team at registration and at the start line know ahead of time. 


Is the course / spectator trail wheel-chair accessible? 

Unfortunately, the mud run course and the spectator trail are not wheel-chair accessible. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 


What are some things I can do to help the runner feel comfortable at this event? 

We suggest you and the runner arrive early, so that the runner will have lots of time getting used to the environment. Make sure they dress comfortably for the weather, and wear clothes and shoes suitable for running and getting wet/muddy. Also, bring a clean change of clothes so that they can change out of their wet / muddy clothes after the run. 

Eric Chrismen
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