The Lord’s Gym Mud Run start/finish line is located directly behind Feather Falls Lodge on 3 Alverda Drive, Oroville, CA. The Kids Run and the Main Race start and finish at the same location. Next year's race will take place in Spring 2018.

how much does a ticket cost?

The earlier you buy, the lower the price. Tickets range from $50 to $75 for the main race depending on the date. A Lord’s Gym Mud Run Survivor Medal is included in the cost of your ticket. High quality Mud Run
survivor shirts are also available for purchase. The Kids Run costs $20 for advance tickets or $25 on the day (add $5 for all-day Mud Fest play). Please see the Business Bell page for Business Bell entry prices and registration.

what is the course like?

The Main Race course is 4-5 miles of tough terrain including water, ice and a lot of mud. Spread across
the course are 25+ obstacles designed to put your physical and mental endurance to the test. The Kids Run is closer to 1 mile long and has around 15 obstacles.

what level of fitness do i need?

Everyone over the age of 13, from complete beginners to professional racers, is welcome to take part in the Mud Run Main Race. You just need to be able to walk 4 miles. However, if you want to complete all the obstacles in good time, start training now! 

how do i choose my heat?

Rather than have 1,000 people starting the race at the same time, the Main Race is split into heats of 50 people leaving every 15 minutes. You choose your heat when you buy your ticket and cannot change it, so choose carefully. There is an elite heat for more experienced racers running competitively. People competing in the Business Bell run in separate heats.

For the Kids Run, the heat you choose depends on the age of the child (ages 10-12, 7-9 or 4-6).

what is pre-race registration?

Before you start any race, there's a 10-minute process to go through - signing a liability waiver, getting your race bib and bracelet, making sure you know what to do next. For stress-free racing and to avoid lines, we strongly advise that you complete this process the day before the race at the Lord's Gym on 2120 Bird Street in Oroville. Those traveling from out of town for the Main Race are welcome to register at the start line one hour before their heat begins. For the Kids Race, you can choose to either arrive 45 minutes early for your child's heat, or to register them at the Lord's Gym the day before.

when should i arrive and what should i bring

If you have already completed the pre-race registration process (see above) you only need to arrive 20 minutes before your heat is scheduled to begin. Just bear in mind that if you are late, you will miss your race and may not be able to take part at all. Make sure to bring clothes you don't mind getting very wet and muddy - best of all tight-fitting, light-weight, opaque clothing that doesn't hold a lot of water (avoid cottons and denim) and very comfortable shoes that you are ready to say a permanent goodbye to. Knee pads and sports gloves can be useful accessories (and will be available for purchase at the start line).

where does my money go?

All proceeds from the Lord’s Gym Mud Run go towards the Lord’s Gym Oroville, a non-profit organization that
provides $5 memberships to all youth ages 13-18 and funds projects in the local community and around the world - things like programs for at-risk youth, feeding low income families and helping people recover from addiction.